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RoseMy experience with Sage Joya was extremely positive and healing. I realized through a series of sessions, how amazing it is that the mind,spirit, and colon are very much connected. Colonics was the next step in my healing process and was enormously helpful in doing so. My energy level deepened greatly and my digestion problems cleared also. Sage Joya is very gifted in what she does. She also has profound wisdom and clarity as a spiritual sage. She provides healing on so many levels. I truly would recommend Sage Joya for her many gifts and services. ~MCD


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I am so grateful to have discovered Sage Joya.  I have been seeing her regularly for just over a year in which time my life has changed so much.  I went form a person who had 5 polyps removed during a colonoscopy to a person who had 0 polyps in a recent colonoscopy.  I am living a healthier, lighter life.  I am more at peace than I have ever been.  Sage Joya has helped me let go of so many feelings that have been holding me back.  She is extremely friendly, funny, conscientious, and professional. ~JB

Gifted Professional

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Sage Joya is a gifted health care professional. In her sessions, she uses her highly developed intuitive skills for knowing and being guided in just what her client needs on all levels – physically, emotionally and spiritually.
Peggy Huddleston
Author, Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster:  A Guide of Mind-Body Techniques

Package Deal

Who needs psychological therapy?  I received a colonic, massage-like touch, and worked on my hidden inner emotions all in one visit!  The combination made great releases!   ~CK

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