Digestive Problems

I have just started getting colonics with Sage Joya, and I am thrilled with the results so far! All my life I have had digestive problems – pain, gas and bloating after every meal, no matter what I ate or how healthy my diet was. Admittedly, my diet has not been great over the last several years. I have been to numerous doctors. I have been diagnosed with IBS, have been checked for ulcers and have tried numerous prescriptions, over the counter remedies, diets that eliminate certain foods and nothing has worked – until now! I had results after my very first colonic – my bloating and pain stopped and even after meals I felt comfortable. I have just had my second and feel even better. I love Sage Joya’s approach, her high level of professionalism and her genuine concern for my health both mentally and physically. I have been so impressed that I am having a whole series. I had a lot of apprehension about doing it, but I am incredibly glad I did! There is nothing like having the pain and discomfort stop! ~Marjorie