Greetings!  I am Sage Joya.  I am in service of the community as a Spiritual Guide and an Instructor Level Certified Sage JoyaColon Hydrotherapist.  I am Nationally Board Certified.  I am here to teach you how to physically cleanse fear from your nervous system to access your inner courage.  Your inner courage has a profound impact on your success.  This success applies to health, wealth, love and happiness.  Your ability to overcome ailments, financial woes, dislike and sadness exists within the depths of your nervous system.  The consistent cleansing and conscious connection to mindful thoughts through your nervous system opens the door to inner courage.

The new model for cleansing your nervous system is Guided Colonic Therapy by Sage Joya.

At the core of these guided sessions is the cleansing of your colon via colon therapy.  Basic colon therapy is also known as Colonic Therapy, Colon Hydrotherapy, Colon Irrigation, Colonic Irrigation or Colonic.  It is the water irrigation of the colon utilizing warm, filtered water.  The process is administered on a closed-system device.  An FDA approved speculum is inserted into the rectum for introducing warm, filtered water into the large intestine, also known as the colon.  The organ is gently hydrated to safely release dense excrement from the digestive tract.  The waste travels directly into the sewage system thus eliminating concerns of touch or smell.

A Guided Colonic Therapy session differs from a basic colon therapy process in its goal to foster awareness of personal truths hidden within the nervous system.  The concealed truths specifically impact achievement of health, wealth, love and happiness.  This information is hidden from the conscious thinking mind requiring an esoteric intermediary to facilitate reconnection.  Therefore, every session is accompanied by Sage Joya whom safely guides the reconnection process.  The session must have administration on an FDA approved closed-system device, to include energy work, spiritual guidance and intuitive directives throughout the procedure. Common feedback includes, but is not limited to, good internal feelings, mental clarity, assured direction and courage to pursue desired expansion.  Consecutive sessions become a personal journey rewarded by optimal transformation.

Someone forgot to tell us that the most societally feared organ is essential to our overall health, mental clarity, emotional stability, spiritual growth, self-awareness and personal advancement.  This organ is named Colon.  It is also commonly referred to as the large intestine, large bowel or the gut.

Someone forgot to educate us on the fact that we have more than one nervous system.  Our commonly known nervous system is The Central Nervous System (CNS).  The other nervous system, the twin to our CNS is named the Enteric Nervous System (ENS).  This system was scientifically defined and printed in the 1921 book, The Autonomic Nervous System1.  But, somehow this information was tucked away.  However, in 1998, Dr. Michael Gershon brought this information to the common person in his book, The Second Brain.  The ENS houses our digestive system.  The last stop of our digestive tract is the colon.  To consciously cleanse your nervous system for accessing your inner courage is to interact with the cellular communication of your ENS.  For this conscious cleansing to result in marked improvement, it requires the accompaniment of a trained esoteric guide as well as a participating client.  To the willing client moving through this personal experience, and receiving education throughout, the possibilities of personal healing and transformation become infinite.

This communication is the beginning of your education.  You heard it from Sage Joya at    Stay connected as there is much more to learn for this information to become simplified within your mind.  This communication is the beginning of you developing an understanding about your ENS and the colon that lives within.  Ironically, the organ that is most feared in society is the solution to connection, clarity, courage and consciousness.

Stay with me.  I am your personal Sage guide.  Part of my purpose is to educate the masses about the power of cleansing their Enteric Nervous System.  In this lifetime, an additional part of my purpose is to teach you how intrinsic cleansing, through the nervous system, can develop your confidence to “Be Yourself, Love Yourself and Grow Beyond Measure”.  ~Sage Joya

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1.  Gershon, M. D. (1998). The Second Brain. New York, NY: HarperCollins Publishers.