Boxed Emotions

Boxed Emotions

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Carrying Boxed EmotionsWe all have a box.  We carry this box around all the time.  You might reply, “Where is it?  I don’t have a box.”  And I will answer, “The box is within.”

The year is 2014.  It’s March and spring is promising to exist on the horizon.  It’s been a very long winter for the regions blessed to experience the change of seasons.  Equally as long, is the struggle many are facing to understand the physiological changes taking place in the environment.  What the heck is going on????  Everything that has been scientifically proven to go right, is going wrong.  New ailments are birthing from unprecedented bacterial strains. Doctors are short on answers.  Pharmaceutical companies cannot keep up with the demand.  And people are just plain MAD!

The latest answer to healing all of these problems is something no desperate individual wants to hear:  It’s Emotional!  How is it that everything is tied to the emotions?  Who can work with that?  What’s the formula?  How is it accessed?  How is it measured?  Unbelievable!

But, it’s true.  Everyone has a box that is carried within.  It’s an emotional box.  It is used as a historical storage bin.  Inside the box is anger, hurt, fear, worry, judgment, hatred and other negative emotions.  These adjectives are typically related to unresolved events which have taken place in someone’s life.  For some reason, the person cannot seem to empty that box of emotions.  He or she can feel that “something” is wrong but cannot place a finger on its beating pulse.  How does a person access the intangible?

The solution, as always, lies within.  These boxed emotions live within.  The emotions are intertwined with the cells and tissues of the nervous system.  Therefore, one must access the box from within.  The new modality for accessing negative emotions and emptying this box from within is Guided Colonic Therapy.  Guided Colonic Therapy utilizes warm, filtered water to cleanse the cells and tissues of the nervous system.  This work, combined with an esoteric Sage guide, supports an individual’s safe reconnection with this storage bin.  Once connected, an individual can begin the process of healing their boxed emotions.  To learn more about Guided Colonic Therapy, click here. ~Sage Joya