Cleansing Diet: The Lemonade Master Cleanse

Cleansing Diet: The Lemonade Master Cleanse

The latest trend is to cleanse. Individuals are seeking a recharge and the first thought is to undergo a body cleanse. It is believed that an interior cleaning will affect a positive internal feeling and external appearance. I agree with this concept. As a spiritual guide and certified colon hydrotherapist, I teach people how to feel good inside. This physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformation stems from cleansing the gut. It’s accelerated with administration of colonic irrigation.

An approach to body restoration is elevated with the integration of two, or more, healing programs. This could include alternative health modalities, cleansing regimens, self-help agendas, medication, herbs or otherwise.

The_Master_Cleanse_Book_Everyone_s_Raving_AboutThe Master Cleanse is one of many common diets used to foster digestive wellness. The diet is scheduled to last for 10 days. Many people jump right in thinking the Master Cleanse is an easy plan. This personality type is often ill-prepared for the toxic response of a Master Cleanse thus resulting in failure. Hunger, aches and irritability are some of the side effects causing a person to quit. Additionally, a temporary abandonment of food can ignite an ornery digestive system in protest of elimination.  This interruption presents another reason to give up.

Drinking liquid for 10 days as well as forfeiting all solids can prove challenging. For me, the trick is to drink my liquid as a hot tea. This is my psychological replacement for hot soup thus eliminating cravings for whole foods. If I combine this practice with colonic irrigation, I transition through cravings, headaches, irritability and elimination efforts, smoothly. My body is prepared to adjust during day one of the Master Cleanse.

If you are considering a Master Cleanse, please follow the suggested guidelines:

  • Rule #1 Use mental strength the first three days. Getting past the third day is key. Instead of focusing on the entire 10 days, concentrate on moving through day three. Treating a Master Cleanse as incremental milestones will help tremendously.
  • Rule #2 Include colonic irrigation two, or more, times per week to enhance a cleansing flow. It is preferable to begin your Master Cleanse with a colonic.  Headaches, body aches, mood swings, irritability and elevated stress levels are easily mitigated with inclusion of colonics. Water is extremely important during a cleansing diet. Hydrating through both the oral and anal openings of a digestive system is sure to drastically minimize or dismiss any cleansing side effects. Drink plenty of water and employ colonic therapy multiple times during this cleanse.
  • Rule #3 Incorporate light exercise.  Walking, stretching and yoga are examples of light exercise. During a Master Cleanse, circulation is important. You want to cleanse the cells, tissues, blood and organs. Oxygen, generated from light exercise, is supportive of cleansing efforts. However, keep in mind that focused oxygen can stimulate an emotional discharge. Usually, friends and loved ones are recipients of this sensitive release. However, to safeguard yourself, and others, from this impromptu communication, schedule “processing time” after each exercise regimen.

In this post, I have provided you with 3 general rules but there are clear steps to follow for a successful Master Cleanse. If you have interest of moving forward with the Master Cleanse please obtain a copy of Master Cleanse Secrets by clicking here. Also, visit for a clear understanding of colonic irrigation. A colonic regimen will amplify your Master Cleanse success.  Happy cleansing!