Creative Constipation | Turn On Your Flow Switch

Creative Constipation | Turn On Your Flow Switch

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Looking for new ideas? Having difficulty initializing creative output? If so, it’s time to navigate toward significant change.

To feel average but harbor a deep desire for acquiring vibrations of greatness is a tough existence. Mediocrity is defined as adequate value. It’s neither good nor bad. Pliable, workable, flexible and adaptable are just a few adjectives describing a mediocre soul. Of course those are all good qualities but if a person hungers to awaken from a state of commonness, he or she must push oneself to know the feeling of uniqueness.

I am talking to YOU; the seeker of elevation! You are trying to implement new aspects of character into a corporate or self-employment environment but are falling short of the preferred reach. Your ideas are sterile. The brain is clouded with abstract concepts lying dormant in the crevices of your mind. Something is blocking the connection that would fully express your creative influences. Fortunately, you can change this pattern of stagnation in four simple steps.

First, recognize the body operates within a flow cycle. If this circulatory flow is gridlocked, stagnation pursues. Life is a cycle. Experiences orchestrate the flow of life processes based on perception. Whatever is perceived by the mind’s eye inspires or depresses mental input. The judgment following input prompts an emotional response that becomes a catalyst to physical function. This response can either enhance the flow of oxygen, nutrients, water, waste, will and words or develop barriers that hinder the circular sequences of flow. An obstruction of current initially effects people on a cellular level until its presence is known through physical, mental, emotional or spiritual discord. Signs that your flow cycle has been interrupted include, but are not limited to:

  1. Tight muscles
  2. A rigid skeletal frame
  3. Anger management issues
  4. Emotional disturbances
  5. Delayed mental performance
  6. Physical illness or
  7. Spiritual imbalance

Second, acknowledge the possibility of a blockage. An obstacle preventing circular flow typically starts within your internal cavity. It can look similar to the following:

  1. A negative belief of incompetence
  2. Perpetual thoughts of irrelevance
  3. Water retention
  4. Blood clotting
  5. Cholesterol concerns
  6. Diabetes
  7. Constipation
  8. Leg pain and much more

Third, identify the core processor of a human flow cycle. At the core of every human cavity is gut function, known as digestion. A colon is the final stage of digestion. This organ serves as the core processor of a flow cycle. Ultimately, a colon is the central executor of waste transported from cells, tissues, organs and emotions of a human body. It governs circulatory flow by liberating waste in a timely manner. Awareness of the core processor elevates understanding to physical dysfunction that may cause problems in seemingly unrelated areas. For example, an accumulation of delayed discharges results in the magnification of mental sluggishness.

Finally, turn on your flow switch by cleansing the core processor. One can successfully activate their flow switch Circulatory Flowthrough core cleansing. Circulatory flow must include the letting of idle waste, a release of ill-will as well as an elimination of negative thought forms concealed within the restricted areas of a body. Cleansing the core will cultivate mental clarity.

At the foundation of this core cleansing process is a requirement of direct water hydration to the colon. The process is administered with colonic irrigation. The water increases awareness to blockages. Simultaneously, it dismantles obstacles to flow. A basic colonic process initiates flow. For the seeker of elevation, a guided colonic session directs a conscious connection to the cause of mental or physical obstacles. Subsequently, individual-specific assignments are delegated to maintain the consistency of flow.  In the end, a good internal process of circulatory flow enhances creative output. Today is your day for turning on your flow switch. Visit to start your cleansing process now!

~Sage Joya