Change is the one constant variable in this lifetime.  If you want to enjoy the benefits of evolution then you must willingly submit to change.  One baby step is all it takes to prompt change.  That step will request more action.  Are you ready?  Do you really want the change?  Then prove it!  You will meet challenge.  The challenges test your desire.  If your desire is weak, you will fall.  But, that’s okay.  Failure always renders a lesson.  Failure can prepare you for the next try.  That’s right!  You can fall but you will get back up and try and try and try again.  Failure + Try = Strength.  If there is strength in your desire, you will reach the road to your personally-defined freedom.  Of course, it is always best if you can receive a little help along the way.  Try cleansing your nervous system.  The process will continue to restore your desire and keep it strong.  Click Here to learn more.  ~Sage Joya

  • Take action: This step initiates change
  • At the crossroad: Choose your path
  • Challenge: You must venture to gain reward