Humans are conditioned by fear.  Fear of religion.  Fear of individualism.  Fear of non-conforming thoughts.  Fear of incongruent beliefs.  Fear of sickness.  Fear of health.  Fear of love.  Fear of wealth.  The fear is paralyzing. But, for the seeker of excellence, you have a choice.  You can physically release fear from the nervous system to begin cultivating courage.  Dedication yields the conditioning of maximum courage.  To cleanse through the nervous system is to employ Guided Colonic Therapy.  It is the new model for reconnecting with the intrinsic communication of the nervous system.  You can release fear from the mind and body, simultaneously.  This possibility maximizes a person’s freedom to grow exponentially.  The process employs warm, filtered water as well as an esoteric Sage guide to safely facilitate the process.  Click Here to learn more.  ~Sage Joya

  • Cleansing: Gifts mental clarity
  • Cleansing: Releases the nerves of fear
  • Cleansing: Reconnects to inner guidance
  • Cleansing: Cultivates conscious courage