FEAR is an acronym.  It stands for the following:

F  Feeling E  Empty A  Angry R  Rage
F  Forfeiting E  Emotions A  Analyzing R  Reality
F  Fighting E  Every A  Awakening R  Revelation


Dear Human:

Are you feeling an empty, angry rage brewing inside of you?  Is it the case that you are having difficulty tracing the basis of its origin?  You have good relationships in your life.  You have the material things which you desire.  Why on earth would you feel an empty, angry rage developing?  Is it because you are forfeiting emotions that could help you analyze your reality?  Maybe your work relationships are bothering you.  Perhaps you are seeking to contribute in a meaningful manner.  After all, you are fighting every awakening realizations that would bring new ideas to your colleagues BUT you believe your contributions will not carry value.

Poor human.  This is a tough existence.  However, you can choose to change your daily living by committing to cleansing your nerves of fear.  The choice is yours.  Click here to learn more.   ~Sage Joya

  • Overriding Fear: Drinking to numb feelings
  • Worried: Collecting harmful thoughts within
  • Frustration: Feeling there is no way out
  • Facade: Living to meet other people's expectations