Emotions are transmitted from the body’s inner guidance system.  Emotions serve as an inner communication to signal a body imbalance.  Human acknowledgement of this emotion triggers a cellular response to restore harmony.  However, people are taught to suppress these signals.  The habit of suppression eventually creates a disconnect from the body’s inner guidance system.  The sensations felt from the emotions become unnoticed.  As the years progress, a human will say he or she cannot figure out how they feel.  The individual won’t know what is wrong with their disposition.  This person will agree with suggestions of feeling lost, anxious, depressed, lonely or weary.  Medications, drinks, food or media are used to manage this person’s lifestyle until something significant creates a change.  Fear settles into the mind and body.  Depression becomes a lifestyle.  Only on occasion is this person reminded of their desire to want more out of life.

This individual could use an awakening through the nervous system to reinstate their inner guidance system.  The nervous system is a key aspect to proper human function.  Guided Colonic Therapy can cleanse the mind-body-spirit connection through the gut.  The cleanse combines warm, filtered water with an esoteric Sage guide to facilitate a safe reconnection to a person’s inner guidance.  Click Here to learn more.  ~Sage Joya

  • Self Medicate: Numbs inner feelings
  • Prescription Drugs: Turn off emotional expression
  • Social Drugs: Justifies emotional disconnect
  • Emotional Drugs: Fosters continued fear