To feel like something is missing is to have forgotten about the best part of you.  It’s time to get it together.  It is time to reconnect with your whole self.  You have been holding yourself hostage for a long time. Today provides the way for you to open the gates of your internal prison.  You are ready to know your freedom.  You are ready to know your beauty.  You are ready to know you are love.  You are ready to experience your greatness.

Internal cleansing through the mind-gut connection is your avenue for releasing internal blocks that have been built over time.  The blocks have kept you in bondage.  As you dismantle the blocks, you come to know your saddest story that keeps you confined within your mind.  Next, you heal that story by connecting with the truth of your existence.  Those truths contain answers which empower your courage to grow.  As you release this stagnant belief system from the mind and body, you give yourself permission to fly.

Experience Guided Colonic Therapy.  It’s a new day!  Make it happen.  ~Sage Joya

  • Internal Cleansing: Moving through the mud
  • Answers: Hidden inside the body
  • Connect: Initiates a wholesome feeling