Believe it or not, everyone can hear their inner guidance system.  However, we have a tendency to second guess ourselves.  We begin to question whether or not we are making the right decision.  We approve other people’s thoughts and opinions above our own.  We seek validation for the next steps that we inherently know we should take.  Why does this happen?  Because we have no trust within ourselves.  This must change.

Trust is our birthright, until it is constantly rejected, then it quietly recedes.  We come into this world with a trusting relationship of oneness within our human cavity.  This cavity, containing our 11 body systems, communicates with our mind.  However, if we continue to reject this communication, it quietly disappears.  Then, we feel lost.

Begin today.  Rebuild the trust that comes from within.  Get reconnected with your inner communication.  The world is awaiting your presence.  How do you reconnect with this trust?  Try Guided Colonic Therapy.  It is the new model for reconnecting an individual with the communication of their inner guidance system.  Click Here to learn more.  ~Sage Joya