Stomach Pain After Eating Is A Sign

Stomach Pain After Eating Is A Sign

Pain is a rejection of the ideals targeting perfection.
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Dr. Daniel G. Amen of The Amen Clinic posted a video blog about ADD bringing him to his knees. He shared his pain of embarrassment about his child presenting behavioral problems. He bravely articulated his negative response as a justified solution for unruly and potentially harmful behavior. He generously described a faulty belief that his child was less than smart. Throughout this time period, Dr. Amen’s pain points were a rejection of his personal need to have societally perfect children.

Dr. Amen could have chosen to accept this pain as a devastating life tragedy lacking a solution. Yes. Even as a doctor controlled by his own vain imaginings, he could have become sedentary. This lack of response would have proven him blind to the blessings his children have come to offer. Instead, Dr. Amen used the gift of his occupation to explore his pain points which eventually led him to take action. Watch the video at Dr. Amen’s blog for details.

You, too, have the same opportunity. Stomach pain after eating offers a red flag to an internal dialogue. Stomach Paindiscomfort is your pain point. What perfection is your body rejecting? You can choose to ignore the pain by labeling it as an intermittent occurrence which will disappear in time. Or, you can opt to recognize this pain as a prospect for change. Ask yourself:

1.  What did I eat?

2.  Did I overeat?

3.  Was it a comfort food?

4.  Why did I eat it?

The stomach pain has a probable translation of heartburn, constipation, diarrhea, appendicitis, hemorrhoids, intestinal obstruction, IBS or similar. You may want to believe a dietary change will resolve all issues but there are other notions to consider.

Seek to find the underlying communication. The question to ponder is, “Why did I eat it?” The operative word is, “WHY?” Do you know your WHY? Your WHY is likely to uncover the premise of your pain; the rejection of perfection.

Of course you can use your brain-mind to intellectually reason this distress. However, to uncover the emotional and physical TRUTH of stomach pain, subscribe to a cleansing of your gut-mind. The gut offers an internal conversation detailing reasons for pain. Gut talk is often referred to as gut feeling or gut intuition. Everyone has access to this personalized communicative portal but few understand how to listen.

To learn gut language, consider cleansing through The Mind-Gut Connection. The direct hydration of a colon with warm, filtered water offers freedom from stagnant waste. This process is known as colonic irrigation. A basic colonic is a viable approach to addressing stomach pain. It can also remedy symptoms by releasing impacted material. However, a guided colonic offers an elevated colonic cleansing. This method teaches an individual to consciously understand the existence of a communication link between the brain (intellectual) and gut (intuitive) minds. The client is taught to identify gut language and capitalize on its meaning for obtaining causative clarity. Concurrent to this insight is an opening, which fosters a discharge of negative conditions, as well as the development of elevated courage for taking action.

You can learn more about colonic irrigation, by visiting Make a decision today to unsubscribe from the perfection list. This step will reduce the habituation of stomach pain. Next, choose to explore your pain points for messages that will lead you on a path of evolution. Lastly, opt for a progressive cleansing through The Mind-Gut Connection. This course of action will advance your existence.

~Sage Joya