The Immune System:  Emotional Health Influence

The Immune System: Emotional Health Influence

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An immune system is designed to build and maintain defenses against disease.   Naturally, it is relatively easy for an intuitive body to institute effective immunity. Much more than 50% of an immune system is managed inside a colon. Competent immune cells hide within the lining of a colon waiting to harness unwanted invaders. These cells have a memory component that identifies foreign substances and fights to eliminate human health threats. Of course, a high performance immune system is contingent upon optimized colon elimination. Simply stated, formed colon expulsion, in accordance with the number of meals consumed per day, is supportive of favorable immunity. Conversely, a stagnant, sluggish, rebellious colon is unable to consistently protect its host.

Do you find yourself taking pills, powders and more fiber to fabricate colon results? Are you submitting to drastic dietary changes, laxatives and daily probiotics? Each new season, do you experience immunological breakdown? Are you working overtime to manufacture increased immunity or colon results? It’s possible you may need to change your strategy. Instead of focusing on the symptoms, maybe it is time to consider the cause of colon malfunction and immune betrayal.

There is a newly identified, but very old disease, making its way to market acceptance. It’s called FADID Syndrome. It attacks one’s emotional health. FADID syndrome outlines the fearful avoidance of denied ignorance causing displacement within a human being. This ailment is the cause for colon lethargy and immune failure. It creates inflammation that eventually slows colon productivity. It looks like the following:

Fear – Frightening thoughts within the mind that paralyzes forward mobility in life.

Avoidance – Ignoring one’s innate ability to induce change in everyday life.

Denial – Utilizing excuses to justify the disregard of actions that would fulfill one’s potential.

Ignorance – Blocking opportunities to learn or try new suggestions.

Displacement – Stuffing upset emotions within the body and blaming others for the discomfort.

 FADID Syndrome activates an acidic cellular communication within the body that triggers colon or immune apathy. Communicative cells transport information from the mind, which provokes a reflective response within the gut. The reactions caused by these dominating thoughts are maintained within a mind-gut connection. This connection sustains the reason for intermittent immunity or a sedentary colon.

Fortunately, colon indifference can change by taking three immune-building action steps.

Step #1 | Administer a direct hydration to the colon with colonic irrigation. Colonic Irrigation is also known as colonics. It is the water irrigation of a colon utilizing warm, filtered water to hydrate, activate and eliminate stagnant waste from a large bowel. An imbalance in gut flora causes immune issues, colon constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel symptoms and other colon dysfunction. One main goal of colonic irrigation is to restore colon balance.

Step #2 | Take emotional inventory of your inner self. Are you fearful, avoiding the obvious, in denial, displaying ignorance or displacing your true feelings? It may prove difficult to reconcile with honest answers. As humans, it is very easy to manipulate one’s personal truth. Often, truth requires change. If one lacks courage to make current changes, it feels easier to hide the truth inside a cellular network. The side effect is immune or colon sluggishness. Additionally, a person might feel incompetent. Often, it is necessary to seek professional guidance for the successful completion of an inventory process.

Step #3 | Employ a certified guided colonic therapist. Step #3 can replace Step #1. A guided therapist can intuitively and safely navigate clients through the mind-gut cleansing process. An individual is supported through the emotional work of identifying FADID syndrome components. Simultaneously, a client will experience emotional releases from the gut. With consistency, a client can build courage, activate a reliable colon response and initiate long-term immunity. This work is completed through the mind-gut connection.

Start today! Cleanse your colon with guided colonic irrigation to strengthen immunity. For detailed information, schedule a guided colonic consultation appointment or attend a FREE colon health webinar with Sage Joya. Happy Immune Building!