Greetings!  Thanks for your interest in Lifetime Health & Consulting by Sage Joya.  Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions providing directions for next steps.  This information covers FAQs.  Please read.  After reading, if you have specific questions, click here to email Sage Joya for a prompt response.  To schedule an appointment, click here.  Thank you, in advance, for respecting these guidelines.

What is the office address?

The office address is 235 Adams Street, Newton, MA 02458.  For now, the outside awning says, “Bella’s Day Spa”.

What services does Sage Joya offer at LHC?

Guided Colonic Therapy | Colonoscopy Preparation | Holistic Health Consultations | Reiki | Spiritual Guidance | Weight Loss Support | Live Grocery Shopping Navigation | Hands-on Cooking Instruction | Far Infrared Sauna Treatments | Group Coaching | Speaking Engagements

What type of Colonic Therapy device do you use?

An FDA approved Clearwater Travel Device is used at LHC.  A Clearwater is a hybrid between the gravity method, open system and closed system.  It offers a continuous soaking to the colon during the entire session simultaneous to the colon therapist supporting the client with balanced water circulation.  This ensures that maximum toxic release is achieved while hydrating the colon with clean and warm, filtered water.

What is Colonic Therapy?

It is the water irrigation of the colon utilizing warm, filtered water.  The process is administered on a closed-system device.  An FDA approved speculum is inserted into the rectum for introducing warm, filtered water into the large intestine, also known as the colon.  The organ is gently hydrated to safely release dense excrement from the digestive tract.  The waste travels directly into the sewage system thus eliminating concerns of touch or smell.  Session results include, but are not limited to, a helpful discharge of stagnant waste.

What is a Guided Colonic Therapy Session?

It is a colonic session, on a closed-system device, to include energy work, spiritual guidance and intuitive directives through the nervous system. Common feedback includes, but is not limited to, good internal feelings, mental clarity, assured direction and courage to pursue desired expansion.  

How long does a Guided Colonic Therapy Session take?

The first appointment is a 90-minute session to include a half-hour consultation.  During the consultation we go over your Holistic Health Intake Questionnaire, identify your colon health goals, talk about the procedure and address your questions.  Subsequently, you spend the remaining 40 – 45 minutes receiving the actual colonic.  During the colonic you experience energy work, Sage guidance and intuitive support to maximize healing through the nervous system.

How much is a Guided Colonic Therapy Session?

The first appointment is $250.  Follow-up appointments, to include energy work and Sage guidance, are 60 minutes @ $175.  If you decide to purchase a series, the first and follow up sessions are discounted.  The number of sessions you might undergo are dependent upon your colon health goals.  You are encouraged to move through your initial session which will give you personal experience for deciding which series to acquire.  You can review the series pricing by clicking here.  These prices are subject to change.

What if, for now, I only want a consultation?

You are welcome to schedule a colonic consultation to get your questions answered.  A consultation is given either in person, over Skype or virtually.  Please click here to schedule your colonic consultation.

May I skip the consultation?

For the safety of both practitioner and client, Please NOTE:  All new clients to Lifetime Health & Consulting must undergo a consultation, regardless of previous experience.

I want to schedule for Colonoscopy Preparation.  How does that work?

For a new client, colonoscopy preparation requires 3 consecutive sessions.  The first two sessions take place on each of the two days prior to your scheduled colonoscopy (one each day).  The third, and final, session takes place the morning of your scheduled colonoscopy.  When scheduling your colonoscopy,  please keep in mind you must have a colonic the morning of your appointment.  This means you should account for travel time to your colonic appointment, one hour to complete the colonic and travel time to the colonoscopy appointment.  To ensure you are properly prepared for your colonoscopy, these guidelines are strictly followed.  Thank you.

How many sessions do I need?

Clients are encouraged to have an initial guided colonic prior to determining the number of follow-up sessions. Every guided session will prove to have different results based on individual engagement.  Regardless of the number, each person is encouraged to follow-up, at a minimum, on a weekly basis to achieve a heightened level of personal improvements.  Depending on client goals, some individuals might come in multiple times per week.  Each client can choose to experience a unique number of sessions determined by their specific desires and budget.  However, it is perfectly okay to have one session.  At LHC, the client is ALWAYS empowered to make their own decision.

What have other clients said about their experience?

You can read client reviews on Jill’s ListGoogle and Facebook.

Does LHC take insurance?

Some insurance companies will cover LHC services, to include colonic/enema sessions.  Clients pay for the session at time of appointment and submit an electronic receipt to the insurance company for reimbursement.  Some clients have the expense covered successfully and others experience challenges.  Each corporation/medical insurance relationship is different from company to company.  If insurance coverage is a deciding factor, the client must confer with the insurance company prior to scheduling an appointment.

What are LHC office hours?

Hours of operation are by appointment only.  The first appointment is at 9:00am Tuesday – Thursday.

How do I schedule an appointment?

To schedule an appointment, please click here to select at least three dates and time ranges you prefer to schedule a colonic.  I will reply with a confirmation email acknowledging a suitable appointment time per your request.  Appointment time slots are competitive and require a valid credit card to secure your time slot.  A link to secure your time slot is provided inside the confirmation email.  You must secure the appointment within 4 hours.  Otherwise, the session time slot will reopen for another client to occupy.

How do I prepare for a Guided Colonic Therapy session?

Your confirmation email will include brief preparation instructions, a link to the online Holistic Health Questionnaire, directions to the facility, parking and public transportation.  The online questionnaire is part of the required preparation for your scheduled appointment.  It will take a minimum of 20-minutes to complete the online form. The questionnaire is utilized for your consultation.  Without it, we are unable to move forward with the consultation.  The Guided Colonic schedule is full, requiring your advanced preparation.  Your 90-minute session is allotted for the consultation and Guided Colonic ONLY.  Failure to fill in the required information, prior to your appointment, will unfortunately result in a missed appointment.  Please complete and submit the online questionnaire at least 4 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.   Remember to secure your appointment time slot with a valid credit card.

Does a Guided Colonic Therapy session hurt?

A guided colonic therapy session is different for everyone.  Each person has a different colon.  One person’s experience is likely to have differences in comparison to another person’s experience.  Every person is unique.  It is challenging to determine your response prior to the session.  However, approximately 97% of Sage Joya’s clients walk away feeling good on the inside.  They are able to continue their day with optimal performance.  A small percentage may require a nap to process their experience.

How do I access the online Holistic Health Questionnaire?

Your confirmation email will contain a link to the online Holistic Health Questionnaire.  Click on the link to fill in the form.  You MUST fill in the online questionnaire prior to your appointment.  The form requires at least 20-minutes of your undivided time and attention to complete.  The Guided Colonic schedule is full, requiring your advanced preparation.  Please submit your answers at least 4-hours prior to your scheduled appointment.  If you do not have access to a computer, please request a hard copy or try your local public library.  Thank you.

What forms of payment are accepted?

You can make payment with cash or a credit card.  You can secure payment online or in the office.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please be advised there is a 24-hour cancellation policy or you are responsible for 100% of the session price as a missed appointment fee .  A missed appointment, regardless of the reason, is a disservice to you, the person whom really needed and wanted to occupy your time slot and to Sage Joya’s purpose.  Please respect the policy.

What if I have additional questions?

The best medium for asking additional questions is through email.  Please click here to ask additional questions.  Sage Joya loves to answer your questions.  It is very easy for her to engage with prospective clients, in between the servicing of existing clients, through email.  If you must speak with a person, please provide the best days and time ranges to communicate via telephone.  Also, please allow 48 – 72 hours, after you provide communication days and times ranges, for a call.

Thanks, again, for your interest.


Sage Joya
I-ACT Instructor Certified
NBCHT Certified
Lifetime Health & Consulting
235 Adams Street
Newton, MA  02458


NOTE:  Please be advised there is a 24-hour cancellation policy or you are responsible for 100% of the session price as a missed appointment fee.  Thank you.