Start your healing journey today with Sage Joya.  If you start somewhere then you can grow anywhere.  Sage Joya is here to educate.  In this lifetime she teaches that you truly can “Be Yourself, Love Yourself and Grow Beyond Measure”.

The client and Sage Joya work together as partners throughout their healing journey.  Each session is based on the client’s freedom to choose the pace at which he or she advances.  Sage Joya uses energy work, spiritual guidance and/or intuitive direction throughout each session.  Click Here to inquire about scheduling in-office, telephone or Skype appointments.


Guided Colonic Therapy UseGuided Colonic Therapy By Sage Joya  A Guided Colonic Therapy session differs from a basic colon therapy process in its goal to foster awareness of personal truths hidden within the nervous system.  The concealed truths specifically impact achievement of health, wealth, love and happiness.  This information is hidden from the conscious thinking mind requiring an esoteric intermediary to facilitate reconnection.  Click Here to ask questions.  You can Click Here to schedule an appointment





Holistic ConsultingHolistic Health Consultation  Sage Joya works with the client through a holistic approach incorporating the mind, body, soul and spirit.  This work takes place in three phases beginning with mindful health, progressing through emotional well-being and embracing the ultimate opportunity of releasing each monumental healing step from the physical body.  The latter is for individuals seeking to move beyond negative behavioral patterns in exchange for transformative growth.  Click Here to ask questions.  Click Here to schedule an appointment.
FootprintsSpiritual Guidance  This session is for the seeker. You are looking for something but dont know how to identify or verbalize the missing link. Experience a journey of self-discovery that teaches individuals how to look at oneself with objective reasoning through positive eyes. This voyage helps the client expand their awareness toward the unique qualities of self. The learning begins with self-love and travels through the identification of positive versus negative behaviors. Next is the honest inventory of judgment through to the expansion of affirmative thoughts. The journey progresses toward creative potential, societal harmonization and optimal transformation for the client to ultimately meet their extraordinary self. These sessions are in-office, telephone or Skype.  Click Here to ask questions.  Click Here to schedule an appointment. Energy HealingEnergy Healing  A Sage Energy Healer utilizes receptive channeling to identify the relationship between physical form and energetic blemishes. Once identified, energetic touch is employed to initiate healing on one or more aspects of the body. At completion, client and practitioner dialogue about the source of discomfort creating illness in physical form. A plan is developed to complete the healing. Click Here to ask questions.  Click Here to schedule an appointment.
Grocery ShoppingGrocery Shopping Navigation  Grocery shopping, for many, can prove overwhelming.  Individuals seeking to incorporate change in their lives meet challenges with grocery shopping decisions.  Allow Sage Joya to support your navigation through to an enjoyable experience.  It starts with meal plans, progresses into ease of preparation, incorporates a hands-on experience with loving the foods chosen and ends with specific packaging.  In the end, a client has a complete understanding of the relationship between body balancing, healing, love and food.  Sound weird?  Try it.  The experience will make a difference in your life. Click Here to ask questions.  Click Here to schedule an appointment. Live Cooking InstructionLive Cooking Instruction  In this busy world of crazy schedules, demanding employment and family concerns, there is little time to cook.  It seems like cooking is a chore.  However, it is a necessary.  Sage Joya’s live cooking instruction teaches a client the “why” for committing to a specific regimen of cooking for self or a family.  This service requires full participation from the client.  The client must learn how to orchestrate the process as it will make a colossal difference in their ability to achieve health, wealth, love and happiness.  Click Here to ask questions.  Click Here to schedule an appointment.